Have you ever planned out a whole conversation in your head? You know, you have to talk to someone and you construct this whole script, but when you talk to that person in real life they don’t follow the script you created. Then, you get all frustrated because things aren’t going the way you anticipated. Ugh, that’s the worst.

I think that that is the life an entrepreneur.

A short episode you may relate to:

ONCE UPON A TIME you were working on your website. You put in all the hours and make it look all nice so that your audience will love it. The day comes when you launch it! You get 15-20 visitors the first 3 days and it’s great, right? Then, it goes up the next few days.

The week after, you get more visitors but you realize that they were all new and no one returned from the week prior. You think, “these people are so selfish, I worked my ass off. Why aren’t they back?” Whatever, though, you move on and become grateful for the new people.

2 weeks later, you’re all of a sudden down to maybe just 10 people visiting your website per week. You may be wondering, “What the hell is going on? I was doing well, where’d everyone go?” Finally, you feel like crap because you’ve been working hard, yet nothing working out the way you planned.


“On next week’s episode of Am I Working My Ass Off For No Reason? What will you do next? Get pissed and discouraged or let it motivate you to work harder?”

Okay… back to reality.

One of the hardest parts of being an entrepreneur is when things don’t go the way you had it planned in your head. Just like those conversations and scripts people never follow.

You expect to have a 1000 people on your website the first week, but it doesn’t happen that way. Which brings me to my first question for you.

Question #1: What do you do when that happens?

Answer: You remain motivated.

Remaining motivated can be admittedly difficult. However, there is no time for a “discouraged feelings” break if you want to get to where to want to be. So…

Question #2: How do you remain motivated?
1. Think about how far you’ve gotten already

I don’t care how many people on your website. You created it and you’re writfar-so-faring some amazing content, are you really going to give up now? Think about it, you’ve already gotten farther than most people. Hell, most people wouldn’t even think about doing what you’re doing.

Just cause you don’t have 200 people on your website in a month like you’d planned you’re going to quit? Hell no. You believe in yourself, right? In your dreams, your goals, your actions? Are you doing the thing you love the most? So, why would you stop?

You’re working on your biggest passion. Remember that. You could be at a 9-5 job you despise. You have to remain patient. When I say, “remain patient,” I don’t mean wait until someone visits, you have to take action to get people on. But, it takes time. You’ve already started! Don’t allow the thought of things not going the way you want to discourage you.

2. Discouragement is a futile feeling, why should you let it be in control?

There’s just no point. I don’t have to get into this one too much. That’s all there is to know.

3. Focus your goal/remain confident

It’s imperative that you remain in a state of belief and confidence. When things decide that they’re going to take a different route, you should always have your goal in mind. The ultimate goal whether that may be that you want financial freedom or you want to donate all that money to a charity you care deeply for, et cetera. (I recommend making a vision board to get clear and have them staring you in the face as a reminder!)

The belief in yourself should be so vast that nothing can affect you. To the point where, for example, your video hasn’t reached as many people you thought it would, you’re still willing to keep on trying because you just know that in the end,you’ll get to where you want to be; you’ll succeed.

“Giving up on your goal because of one setback is like slashing your other three tires because you got one flat.” – Unknown

Basically, when things are going right, remember why you started in the first place. If why you started was enough to actually get you started it must mean a lot. It should be enough to help you reach the end despite the obstacles you encounter.

4. Make to-do lists/Set short-term goals

Patrick to-do listI don’t know about you guys, but I love reaching my goals. Doesn’t matter how big or small. That’s why I make to-do lists because they make me feel so productive and fantastic.

Get into that practice with the things you know you’ll do so you have something to cross out. I’ll write down some stuff like “read 25 pages of blah,” or “go to the grocery store.”

Make a list of things you need to do for your business that can be done within the next week. Long-term goals are important, but the small things keep you trying. When you reach your goal you’ll feel motivated because you’ll think awesome things like, “hey, yeah, look! I did that!”

Also, maybe you’ve realized that when you have a lot on your plate you go kind of insane, right? Well, when you’re overwhelmed you can’t do anything and when you can’t do anything, your motivation levels drop. Planners and to-do lists make the biggest difference in the world. Organize your thoughts on a piece of paper and lay everything you have to do out there. Then, organize your day. Simple.

5. Motivate others

Sometimes all you need to feel motivated is to encourage others. Helping others will bring you meaning and joy. Help others to help yourself. Obviously don’t just do it for selfish reasons or else it won’t have the same effect. But, telling others that you’re there to fully support them will make you feel good.

“Those who bring sunshine to the lives others of others cannot keep it from themselves.” – James Barrie

When a friend comes to me for help with a problem, I’ll give them advice, obviously. However, there are times where I’ll be talking, but in my head, I’m just thinking about how much my advice is helping me too. It’s like I’m giving myself the advice I needed by sharing it with someone else. I’ll be thinking, “Itxy, you dumbass. You should to that!”

That’s what motivating others does. When you’re telling a client, your readers, or any acquaintance of yours that if they just believe in themselves and continue on you’ll realize that that’s what you need to do too.

6. Change something

Sometimes all you need is to change something…anything. Maybe working inside your house all day is making you go crazy and you don’t even realize it. There will be times where I sit in front of my laptop and think for what feels like forever about what I should type next. When that happens I know I gotta go out to Starbucks and work there instead. I get things done way quicker all of a sudden.

Pay attention to things like this. When do you feel most motivated to do what you need to do? After listening to some Gary V? Or when you’re listening to music? Do you feel refreshed after drinking a glass of water? You might think that your motivation may be far away when in reality it’a right in front of you. You just gotta find out what’s blocking you from seeing it.

7. Surround yourself with positive people

Hanging around negative people can be a real motivation killer. You can’t share your dreams and passions with these types of people because they’ll just tell you, you can’t. They’ll say that your fantasy of making money through your own business and being happy with your life is the type of thing that only happens in fictional books and movies. So…ditch them.

Choosing to surround yourself with incredible people like dreamers and optimists (like the awesome Dev) will encourage you to continue with your journey because they’ll tell you that you can follow your most insane dreams. Plus, when you see them going for it you’re, just going to want to, too.


They’ll be there for you to motivate you when the it all hits the fan. They’d even send you a bit of their own goddamn motivation through magic if they could. Find good people! They’re around you. You just have to look around a bit.

One more thing…

This may not be your case, but I think it’s important to say as well that maybe it’s a fear of, not failure, but of success that’s not allowing to continue. You’re pretending, though not consciously, that you’re not motivated. It can be hard to accept that you’re actually getting somewhere and it gets you nervous because you’re thinking that people will start interviewing you and, hell, someone may even recognize you when you’re walking down the street.

Accept that it may happen and think about how happy you’ll be because you’re living the life you actually want to live. I know you can do it, though. I believe in you!

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