*Checks mic* This is a public service announcement.


These past few weeks since starting The Femme Agenda have been some of the greatest of my life! I’ve connected with so many people, and I feel that I’ve truly discovered my purpose in life, and I’m going to make it a reality through this blog.


I’ve gained immense clarity into the purpose and mission of The Femme Agenda. Much of this insight came from a recent branding session I had with this amazing branding coach. I want to make The Femme Agenda better for you, after all that’s the main goal behind it.


Therefore, this post serves as a temporary break in transmission, a hiatus if you will. During this time, I’ll be working tirelessly to give this blog the revival that it needs. Expect a bigger, better version of it. Call it The Femme Agenda 2.0. New content, new ideas, it’ll all be new. Awesome right?


The date on the image marks the day I want to launch this rebranded version of The Femme Agenda by, and I feel good about that date. If for some reason you need to contact me before this date, use the contact button in the menu, or drop me an email at devonnie@thefemmeagenda.com (I really like talking, if you haven’t realized.)


Till then, adieu!