What culture are you creating for yourself?


I came across that question listening to one of Eric Thomas’ motivational speeches. I’m a big fan of motivational material – it helps me to get myself in the frame of mind to crush the day and get all my work done. Yet, something about that question stuck with me for the better part of the day. It resonated with me.


Eric had been talking about the way we’re treated in reality, as opposed to how we wanted to be treated. I’ve always found the whole concept of the way people treat others as a bit baffling, because up until a little over a year ago, I felt like all the odds were stacked against me. I always felt like I was being treated unfairly, and it made me bitter and haplessly angry all the time.


Anyway, what Eric was saying in his speech, was that the culture that we create for ourselves influences how people treat us. In fact, it’s this “culture” that dictates the way we’re treated. I spent the day thinking about it, and I’ve realized that it was true.


For one, I thought about the people that I know that I would never think of disrespecting – they all carried themselves a certain way, and held themselves to seemingly higher standards, whether it be academically, secularly or even just the way they viewed life.


However, when I thought about people that I know but are neither “here nor there” to me, I noticed another commonality – they didn’t seem to care about themselves, so I didn’t care about them. Things like dirty shoes, a careless attitude about your work and just not being committed to any positive cause or movement lessened their value in my eyes.


My observations are not an anomaly.


In fact, when it comes to my life, the moment I started regarding myself as the person that I know I am – the moment I started carrying myself differently, and the more I threw myself into developing my passion and craft – was when I started getting treated differently.


The whole point is this, you create your culture and individuals treat you according to that culture. So, if you’re always late, never reliable or always flake last minute on plans, chances are you’ll have a hard time being respected. Similarly, consistency, honesty and integrity will garner you the respect that you need to build your dreams, and your business.


Think of the culture you create as the foundation for your life. Would you want your life built on a flimsy foundation, or would you rather a solid one. I think the answer to that, you already know.


So, can I ask you? What culture are you creating for yourself?