Setting goals is imperative for success. Here’s a Goal Setting printable that you can use to help you get one step closer to your goals!


As mentioned in the last Life Hack posted to this blog, setting goals is something that you need to do if you want to be successful. There’s something about writing down a dream, breaking it into actionable parts and setting a time-line to make it a reality, that motivates you to stick to it.


So, in order to help you with your future goal-setting exercises, I created a Goal Setting sheet that you can print and write on. After you’ve filled it out, you can keep it handy to remind yourself what you’re working towards, and what you need to be doing to make your goalĀ a reality.


Sounds cool, right? Of course it is!


I’ve already printed mine. I’m going to fill it out and keep it on my desk, so I’ll always know what I’m working towards. My suggestion would be to keep your goal sheet somewhere that you will see it regularly, so what you wrote on it will always be fresh in your mind.


Also, this printable is designed for a single goal. However, you can print as much as you’d like, so don’t limit yourself.


Without further adieu, click here to get your Goal Setting printable! (Clicking the link will automatically start the download of the Word document.)


Happy Goal Setting!