Have you ever heard someone say that “humans are creatures of habit?” I can tell you that the person who said that wasn’t just passing on some overused cliche to sound cool – they were actually right.

I was digging through old Psychology Today articles (it’s one of my past times, lol) and I came across this particular article that really drove the point home. Our whole existence as humans are founded on this pesky five letter word. Habit.

What does this mean? Well, for one thing it means that you can coast through most of your day without being particularly present, because you’ve done it so often. Sounds cool, right?


Being detached and just going through the motions is actually detrimental to any sort of progress. It’s similar to being stuck in a rut, or as I like to put it … being trapped. I don’t want to be trapped. I don’t want you to be trapped either.

Since habits form us, then it only makes sense that we develop habits that can actually help us get us where we want to be (*hint* successful #girlbosses). Think about what habits you can develop that will help you in some way down the line. Here are a few that I found:

  1. Waking up earlier, specifically on or before 7 am.
  2. Writing down what you want to accomplish at the beginning of each day.
  3. Drinking more water and eating more fruits. (I’m so guilty of this.)
  4. Thinking positively.
  5. Being more appreciative.
  6. Being less distracted and more present. (Again, so guilty of this!)

Good habits make good people. However, it isn’t easy to break habits. It was such a relief to find that in the article, considering that this is my millionth attempt at trying to stick to a strict “water as my only beverage” diet. IT’S HARD.
But we can get through this together. I’ll revisit this topic pretty soon, but till then, do this: write down all the good habits you want to have in your notes app, screenshot it & set it as your phone’s wallpaper.