You know that feeling that you get in the morning where you just don’t feel like getting out of bed?


This Life Hack is all about conquering it.


First, let me preface this post by saying that there’s nothing wrong with hating mornings. If you’re not a morning person, that’s totally fine. However, what isn’t fine is when you’re so frustrated with waking up that your day starts off badly.


Bad mornings typically equal bad days. Therefore, you need a solid morning routine to ensure that when you get out of bed, you get out of bed with a purpose, and you’re reminded of exactly why you need to crush the twenty-four hours ahead of you.


Developing a morning routine was something that I struggled with at first. Even now, I haven’t fully perfected it. Still, I’m better than I was six months ago and a year ago I didn’t even have a morning routine.


Here’s what I do to ensure that my mornings rock. (In total, my morning routine takes me about an hour. I like to think that I have the luxury of spending an hour on my routine because I work from home. However, you can adjust the length of yours to suit your needs.)


  • The first thing that I do is spend 10 minutes reflecting on what I want to accomplish in the twenty-four hours ahead of me. I get out my daily planner and write a list. I make it detailed and even assign times that I want to have certain things accomplished by. Planning my day works really well for me because I have a hard time remembering things, apparently.


  • After that little planning session, I spend 25-30 minutes listening to an audio book, or something else to expand my horizons. I find that listening works better than reading for me in the mornings, because my mind is still a bit groggy from sleep. The audiobook (well, audio course) I’m currently listening to is John Carlton’s Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel. It’s pretty great, in my opinion.


  • I watch one or two five-minute motivational videos on YouTube. My favorite motivational speakers are Eric Thomas and Les Brown. By the time I’m finished watching the videos, I’m pumped to get my day started. (Note, by this time I’ve had my coffee, or I watch the videos while I’m drinking it.)


  • The remainder of the time I spend priming my mind. I read over my long term goals, as well as remind myself of the real reason why I’m pursuing my dreams so ruthlessly. I visualize what I’m aiming for to the point where it feels real.


And that’s my morning routine! Do you have to do the same thing that I do every morning? No you don’t. The main point is that since habits make or break us, you need to cultivate habits that fuel your success. Having a morning routine is one such habit that you need to implement.


Ideally, your morning routine should help you organize your day, as well as strengthen your resolve to make your day phenomenal!


Morning routines will definitely make your life simpler, and ultimately you’ll be more successful. What do you think?