The first time I came across a “vision board” was about four years ago. I noticed that one of my friend’s iPhone lock screen was a little strange. He had a collage of exotic cars, houses and other luxe items.

When I asked him about it, his reply was simple, “I want this in the future, so I made it my lock screen so I can’t forget what I’m working towards.”

The idea stuck with me. At that time, I was new to the whole concept of constructing my reality through my desires and thoughts, but there was just something about a vision board that excited me.

Fast forward to the present, and I couldn’t imagine my life without one.

All the successful people use Vision Boards! Here's four ways that you can use them to achieve your goals.


I use vision boards in four different ways – each of them has a specific purpose, and each of them assist me a ton as I move along my journey as an entrepreneur (and participant of life, to be honest). In this continuation of the Life Hack Series we’ll be talking about vision boards, how we can make them and the ways you use them.

 First of all, let’s clear the air about what’s the definition of the term “vision board.” Here’s the meaning as per Devonnie Garvey and The Femme Agenda:


A vision board is a representation of a personal goal. Vision boards can be physical or virtual, and can include pictures or words. They are used as reminders, inspiration and motivation for achieving goals.


Put simply, “I want this. This picture looks like what I want, so I’m going to save this picture and use it as a motivation to get it.”


Cool! So how can I make a vision board?

The first step to making a vision board is knowing what you want. That’s easier said than done; because it isn’t as simple as picking a picture or phrase that you think represents what you want.

It has to be what you want, and you have to have a strong enough emotional connection with the picture that when you look at it, it stirs you into action.

To figure out what you want, try these steps:

  1. Sit in a quiet, relaxed place for a few minutes, and let your imagination run wild.
  2. Find images and phrases that give you the same feeling as the one you get thinking about what you’ve imagined.
  3. If you can find pictures and phrases that look just like what you imagined, all the better!

After you’ve found pictures, quotes and phrases that describe your goals and make you feel exhilarated and motivated just looking at them, it’s time to make your vision board!

I use vision boards in four distinct ways.


I set each month’s goal as my phone’s lock screen…

Now, let me preface this by saying that I never really knew what to do with my lock screen. Prior to this, I was using Apple’s stock wallpapers that came with the phone, lol.

Below, you’ll see my current lock screen:


100,000 what? The world may never know…lol


Each month, I change my iPhone lock screen to something that reminds me of my goal for that month. This month, I’ve got 100,000 because I’m working on manifesting that number in my life.

I use the vision board concept here, because even though it isn’t a picture, it’s something related to my goal. Having it as my phone lock screen is pretty convenient too, because I pick up my phone countless amounts of time for the day.

And every time I pick it up, I’m hit with my goal.

Cool, right?


There’s a wall in my room dedicated to all the things I want to manifest…

Yes, I stick pictures on my wall. But, I don’t stick posters; I stick pictures, plans, words and quotes. Each of them has a specific meaning to me re: a goal or future accomplishment.

I won’t post a picture of it here, because I’ve got a lot of sensitive plans on my wall. (I love you guys, but I don’t want my future floating around on the web and at risk of being plagiarized.)

But I can tell you what’s on it:

  1. I’ve got a flow chart, titled: “Devonnie Garvey’s DIGITAL EMPIRE.” It’s basically a step-by-step break down of everything that comprises my digital empire. It includes end goals, check points and descriptions of what I’m working towards. PLUS, it’s all connected. Booyah!
  2. There are revenue goals for my copywriting business.
  3. I’ve got my subscriber and revenue goals for this blog, The Femme Agenda.
  4. I have a picture of woman’s perfect smile. Right now, I have braces and the picture is a reminder that I’m working towards a flawless smile, like that one!


And that’s it! I plan to add more items in the future as I go along.


I make a collage of visuals when I’m about to start a new project…

Anybody who knows me well will tell you this: I’m visually driven. I did Art all through high school, and one of my best friends is an artist, so it’s safe to say I’m really into what I can see.

That being said, I use the vision board method to create visuals whenever I’m going to start a project. Why? It motivates me to get started and finish it.

I created one for this blog when it was just a wee thought swimming around in the oasis of my mind. That vision board motivated me to make the blog the masterpiece it is today. Basically, having something to look at that looks good makes your job a whole lot easier when it comes to creating something like a brand, blog or website.

Here’s what to include in your collage:

  1. Color palates for whatever you’re trying to create. I use Color Lovers for this, it’s AMAZING for finding inspiration, as well as saving your own palates.
  2. Finished products that are similar to what you want to create. For my blog, I took design, style and layout cues from Ash Ambirge, Melyssa Griffin, Abby Lawson and Ashleigh from The Daileigh (before she rebranded).
  3. Pictures of anything that remind you of, or give you the feel that you’re going for in your project. For me that was anything hot pink and edgy.


Putting these all together in a pdf file or tangible document is another way to apply the vision board concept.

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I make a vision board the “old-fashioned” way. Well, not really…

The original way to make a vision board is to physically get a sheet of corkboard, cut out pictures and words of what you want to manifest, glue or tack them to your board and hang your board up somewhere where you’ll see it most often.

That’s all awesome, and many people still do it that way.

But guess what. I’m a millennial, and I think all that is a bit unnecessary with the age of technology. Plus, I kind of do something like that on my wall already.

So, I made the old-fashioned way high tech.

I use Pinterest.

Pinterest is a social media site that allows you to make “boards” or photo groups, which you can give special names to. From there, you can browse the site or the web and “pin” photos to your board. You can make your boards public or private.

It’s basically the same as a regular vision board, just digital.

You can’t hang it up in your room though. What I do to remind myself of it is to look at it each morning. (I also look at it when I’m feeling down to remind myself what I’m working towards.)


Add pictures that feel right!


There you have it! Four ways to use the whole concept of a vision board!

 I can assure you that a vision board is definitely a life hack. It helps me keep my mind in order, and focused. Plus, I looove visualizing my goals and future, so I genuinely enjoy them.

What do you think? Have you got a vision board? Tell me below. If you don’t have one, what do you think of the idea?