Since my “full-time job” is internet-based, the question of how I get paid is a big one. It’s especially important for people like me who don’t live in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom or any of those first-world countries.

I live in the Caribbean, on the beautiful island of Jamaica to be exact. Currently, big payment processors like PayPal and Stripe don’t offer withdraw to bank options for my country. PayPal gives us the option to request checks in the mail, which is soooo 1970’s. But, at least they’re better than Stripe who doesn’t offer their services in Jamaica at all.

You see the bind I’m in right?

Luckily at the beginning of my freelance journey, I was introduced to a payment processor that made accessing my payments SUPER simple! That company is Payoneer. (Note: I still use PayPal; it all depends on the needs of the job and my client.)

It’s safe to say that I couldn’t live without it. So, here’s an in-depth, explanation & review of my experience with Payoneer. Plus, find out how you can get $25 free!


Here's a DETAILED breakdown, of how I get paid online, and how you can get $25 FREE!


“What’s Payoneer?”

Payoneer is global payment service provider, or an international money transfer provider. They mainly cater to countries that don’t have the withdraw to bank option from household names like Paypal.

The cool thing about Payoneer is that upon signup and verification of your identity, you’re mailed a prepaid MasterCard (for FREE!) that you can use at any ATM or point of sale that accepts MasterCard. So, basically everywhere.


“How does Payoneer work?”

The whole concept of Payoneer is that upon sign-up and submission of proof of your identity (government issued ID or passport) they give you a virtual US Bank Account, complete with account number, routing number and such. You are also mailed a prepaid MasterCard that works basically anywhere and you can use to withdraw your money at ATMs. Once money has been loaded into your account, you get instant access to it.

Since 100% of my income is made online, Payoneer has been a lifesaver. I honestly don’t know what I’d be doing without their service. (Maybe waiting for my PayPal checks to come in via snail mail, lol)


“Who can pay me through Payoneer?”

Unlike PayPal, Payoneer doesn’t allow any and every one to pay you. It’s not a concept like PayPal, where you can just get money randomly sent to you by a friend. It has to be for some kind of work. Payoneer was specifically designed for individuals conducting legitimate business via the internet, like freelancers, affiliate marketers or telecommuters. Here’s a breakdown of who can pay you through Payoneer:


  1. Companies & clients – Payoneer allows you to get paid by businesses and your clients. If you’re formally employed to company but live in an entirely different country, Payoneer is a great way for you to get paid by them. On the flip side, if you’re an entrepreneur like me, and work with different individuals for whatever reason (copywriting, web design, graphic design, etc.) then you can get paid through Payoneer as well by these businesses and/or individuals. All you do is send them an invoice, and voila!
  2. Global marketplaces – If you’ve decided to work on online marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork or 99Designs, then Payoneer is a reliable option to withdraw funds you’ve made from these online marketplaces. I think that the majority of people who have Payoneer cards got them initially for this reason.
  3. Amazon Associates & Kindle Direct Publishing – If you’re an affiliate marketer for Amazon, or you’ve got books published on their eBook marketplace, then Payoneer is a great option for payment.
  4. Virtually anywhere else that requires deposit to a US bank account – That’s the beauty of Payoneer. It’s like you’ve got a US bank account. So, depending on what you’re doing online and you need to get paid for it, Payoneer might be a great Payment option for you.


Cool, right?


“How do I get my money, and where can I use my card?”

You can withdraw your cold hard cash from any ATM that accepts MasterCard. Here in Jamaica, those ATMs are Scotiabank and NCB. Payoneer has also introduced their own version of the withdraw to bank service. It allows you to transfer money from your Payoneer account to a local bank of your choice. That option is pretty cool if you want to transfer money to your personal account in your country without withdrawing it.

You can use your Payoneer card anywhere MasterCard is accepted. It’s basically a prepaid credit card, so you can swipe it at literally any point of sale and have your purchases charged directly to your Payoneer account. The US equivalent is charged, even if you make your purchase at a POS in a different currency.


“What are their fees like?”

Like anything good, there’s bound to be a monetary value attached to it, right? However, in my estimation the Payoneer fees are quite affordable given the convenience they provide.

Here’s what Payoneer’s fees are like:

  1. Sign up – Free!
  2. Yearly Registration Fee – $29.95
  3. Loading Fee – It ranges from $1.00 – $4.00
  4. Point-of-Sale Transactions – Free!
  5. ATM Withdrawals – It ranges from $1.00 – $5.00


Those are all the fees that I’ve paid at some point or another while I’ve had my card.


“What has your experience been with Payoneer?”

My experience has been an overwhelmingly good one! I’m going to say it was perfect, cause I have had bad experiences with them, but the good trumps the bad in my opinion. For me, Payoneer is the perfect gateway to receive the money I make online.

Their customer service is either a hit or a miss, though. On some days, it’ll be phenomenal, and on other days it’s like your message has gotten lost. I’ve actually not received responses to my query emails. From my experience it makes better sense to call them or hop on live chat. Email correspondence doesn’t seem to be Payoneer’s strong point.

Other than that, it’s been great! Like I said, it’s been a life-saver for me, considering my limited payment options here in Jamaica.


Get $25 when you sign up for Payoneer!

Do you want your own Payoneer card? If you’re looking to start making money online, and you’re a non-US resident, Payoneer is a pretty great option to look into. Plus, one of the nifty things about Payoneer, is that if you’re referred by somebody who already has an account, you get $25 FREE when you load your first $100 onto your card.

Click below to sign up for Payoneer and claim your free $25!




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